can veda mantra be chanted by anybody?

i tried to collect some info on this subject

There are four types of mantras. They are veda mantras (mantras
chanted with shruthies which are taken from vedas).   purana mantras
(mantras which do not have any shruthi and taken from 18 puranas or 18 upapuranas), itihaasa mantras (mantras which are taken from epics – either Mahabharata or Ramayana) and karma mantras (which are literal explanation of what we are doing i.e., karmas / it can also be a prayer). There is a belief that
veda manthras should not be chanted by everyone. This belief sprouted
only because, veda mantra chanting has ten difficult sruthies (udaattha, anudaattha, swaritha,  repha, hraswa, pracheya, anunaasika, kampa, deergha kampa and plutha ). It takes years together for anyone to learn the veda mantras with shruti . Learning should be started from very young age itself, like 5 / 6 year old. Learning veda with shruthi is not that easy and veda mantra should be chanted with shruthi, because the shruthi is as important as the message of vedas. Hence, vedas are also known as shruthies. If one is chanting without shruthi, it is not good. It may be compared like taking five saridon tablets when we do not have a headache. It can cause more negative effect than giving positive effect. Hence it is instructed that everyone should not chant veda mantra .  Anyone including Hindu , Christian, Muslim or following any religion and even ladies can chant veda mantra provided, they can chant with shruthi. I am specifically explaining the above statement because, veda mantras are not written by brahmins, they were composed by kashatriyas, veda mantras are divided by a non Brahmin, into four classes from fishermen (vyaasa kula) family, veda vyasa, The aacharass were not written by brahmins but maheedaasa aitareya who is from chandaala family.  Many of our great rishies both modern and ancient are not Brahmins. This is true even in the case of  avataaras.  Lord Krishna and Rama did not belong to brahmin class. Thus one  need not worry too much about the caste / religion /place of origin etc., for learning the vedas. They should only ascertain , whether they have the endurance power to sit and learn the vedas for about five years, uninterrupted. Remember, if the shruthi has gone wrong, even the meaning and the message changes and even becomes negative. Example: in gaayatri manthra ‘..dhiyo yo na: prachodayaath’.   Here, the word /letter ‘na:’ if not properly chanted will give the meaning NO instead of US. i.e., ‘Oh lord Sun do NOT enlighten with dhaarmic wisdom’ instead of ‘Oh
Lord Sun enlighten us with dharmic wisdom’. I would like to inform you that every instruction given by our Rishies has a specific logic in that. Unfortunately due to our ignorance and biased approach we think they are all superstition. Remember that none is compelling us (including a Brahmin) to learn the vedas. If we are learning follow the instructions. This is what they said, but we misinterpret their instruction and say, it is savarna aadhipatya and superstition, etc. Detailed studies have been carried out by professors of music from

University on the vedic shruthies. Even today lot of research work is going on in this subject. The shruti of all the four vedas vary and that of Saama Veda is completely different. Veda trayee means vedas have been written partly as poems (padya style), prose (gadya style) and Music (geetha/gaana). This is the actual meaning of veda thrayee. (Some people think that veda thrayee means Rig veda, yajurveda and saama veda. They wrongly say atharva veda is not to be included . This is a superstition or mistake.

‍ತಳುಕು ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸ ಮೂಲಕ

ನಾನೊಬ್ಬ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯಾಭಿಲಾಷಿ

20 replies on “can veda mantra be chanted by anybody?”

Vedas are known by three words namely ‘Veda’, ‘Shruthi’ and ‘Drushthi’. Sri Vijayîndra Tîrtha explained the meaning of these words as follows: Veda meaning ‘Vedyatha ithe vedaha’ which means Vedas are the ones that are understood, Shruthi meaning ‘Shrooyatha ithe Shruthihi’ which means that Vedas are the ones that are being heard and Drushthi meaning ‘Drushyatha ithe Drushtihi’ which means that vedas are the ones that are seen. So, Vedas are the ones that are understood, heard and seen and it is not composed by any one.

Can ladies chant Gayatri mantra and the vedic verses?
Just like the question can women worship the Saaligrama, this is an often asked question. Since it is a prayer seeking stimulation for higher mental power, the answer is definitely “yes”. There should not be any doubt about it. But to be more effective they should be first initiated to chant (fortunately or unfortunately during the post Vedic period, ladies were deprived of having upanayanams and thereby lost the right to receive the mantra.)

It is better if those who chant knows what this mantra stands for. In the upanayanam ceremony the Mother has a very big role to play as she is preparing her son to go to gurukula to receive the formal education when she herself was the first teacher to the child after the birth. Therefore she has every right to know what the child is going to learn. Then at least for two valid reasons the ladies are entitled to know the mantra. Firstly a married lady will sit as a partner of her husband during all the religious ceremonies except the ones associated with the funeral rites and rituals. Secondly, they as custodians of our culture can inspire the children to chant the mantra of mantras Gayatri and other vedic texts, if they know its significance.

You have brought out the importance of shruthi very well. Thanks for this post. You have been blogrolled sir.

I am afraid you are mixing up ‘Swara” and “Sruti”. The word Sruiti, no doubt, means Veda.The word Sruti is also used to indicate scale or pitch in Music. In Veda Chanting, Swara is the most appropriate word for Udatta, Anudatta and Swaritam etc. For Veda chanting, Sruti becomes relevant when some hundred odd priests are going to chant a text together. If each one chants in different Sruti or pitch or scale, the effect of the group chanting will be jarring and will not be acceptable to the ear. I shall be grateful if you can quote the relevant extracts from Vedas which prohibits women from chanting Vedic texts.

Balasubramanian Sir, When the Vedas are for entire humanity given to us by our beloved sages how will they avoid ladies from chanthing vedas. The author of Devi Suktham carries the name of rishika called vagambrini. I honest opinion is that we should remove these kind of narrow mindedness, so that Vedas reach everyone. There are no prohibition for ladies to chant Vedas.

I have been learning veda for the past 2 years. We do chant Rudram and Chamakam on all Mondays, just before the Sai bhajan (home bhajans) starts.

I reside in Koramangala, Bangalore and we have a lady teacher teaching us Vedas.

My main aim is to join a bigger group (ladies) and chant Veda to spread world peace. I strongly believe that the vibrations created by our sincere chanting would heal people, create good and positive feelings to both, the people who chant and also who listen..

I prefer to go to a higher plane of thinking, where we could bring rain in drought affected areas, calm the minds of terrorists and make them think on creative activities than destructive activities etc, etc…through Veda chanting..

I am looking for a group to do the above – only GOD has to help me achieve this Life Ambition of mine!!!

I wish to know whether it is good for a family to hear Shubh Labh Mantra and Mrityunjaya Mantra by playing a CD in a player. We had been doing so for the last one year and recently an astrologer (I am not sure about his credibility) had told me that it is not good to play mantras such as Mrityunjaya mantra in cd. After hearing that I became a bit confused.

Please let me have a clarification to the effect.

Mail me at shyampuravankara07@gmail.com


Shyam Prasad P

It is very rightly said above, that the mantras are not for everyone. I’m telling it out of my own experience. Recently I started chanting ” Gayatri Mantra ” w/o an initiation from a Guru. Within just 18 days of chanting, problems started occurring in day to day life like frequent arguments & quarrels in home & in office, my car got hit by a truck & I did see very weird dreams like I’m incarcerated & deceased elderly people coming in dreams. Later frm my Guruji I found that this is the side effect of chaining Gayatri Mantra, which was intact not necessary for me.

I have discussed about Chanting of Veda Mantras by anyone with few acharyas in Kerala, they have told me that anyone can chant Veda Mantras and there is no -ve effect. It is because of this attitude towards Veda Mantras, Vedam is not reaching anywhere. Vedas are for the entire humanity in this world. Our sages have found out the veda mantras after lot of experiments and offered it for the benefit of the each individual in the world. But today Vedam is struggling in the clutches of caste and is not able to benefit where it is supposed to be.

@ Raghu,

I did not mean just by chanting Gayatri Mantra quarrels started in home, I meant to say that, because of the incorrect pronunciation of the Gayatri Mantra.

See, in Gayatri Mantra, we have words like ” dhiyo yo nah, prachodayat ” ( means O sun illuminate us with knowledge ). So, upon close observation I found that, I did not stress on the ” nah “, but just pronounced it as ” dhiyo yo na, prachodayat “. ( means O sun do not illuminate us with knowledge )

Syllable Stress is quite important in mantra’s. If I’d would have found a proper Guru at that point of time, probably I would have taken the initiation and then started. Well, I’ve also heard that incorrect pronunciation of Gayatri Mantra will also lead to quarrels in home, which had happened with me in my case.

“Om namo sarvarthsadhni swaha”
this is the mantra i did.

For successful completion of all jobs : “Om namo sarvarthsadhni swaha”

U can also type this mantra in google so that weblinks will be available.

i did this mantra 2 years back.and still i am facing negative effects.By that time i was unaware that mantras should be initiated by guru.I did on my own.That was the mistake i did.So, i would be thankful if u suggest any remedies to get rid from those effects.

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